Congratulations…You’re Engaged! So what next?

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The questions was popped and you said YES!

So what next?

Getting married can be the most amazing experience of your life but it can also be the most daunting!  This is why a bit of planning and choosing the right suppliers can make it or break it!

You’ve got the ring and celebrated your Engagement with friends and family, announced it on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so what’s next?

A good old To Do list is the best way forward so please follow this easy Five Step Guide before you start inviting the world and his wife to your big day as it’s tricky to uninvite someone or downgrade them to an Evening Invitaiton only if they’ve dashed to the January sales to buy a hat!

Step One

How much are you going to Spend?


This may be a very different answer to how much you Want to spend but please be realistic and be clear with your budget from the start.  Are you paying for everything as a couple or are parents contributing and if so how much? If you need to start saving then plan to get married in a year or two but please don’t get into debt as that really isn’t a great start to married life!


Step Two

How many Guests? This will undoubtedly cause arguments but unless you have a huge budget and can afford to invite everyone you’ve ever met, then it is important to be strict.  Now, if one set or both sets of parents are contributing to the budget then they will expect to have a say over the guest list and invite their friends.  However, as far as your own guest list is concerned then write everyone you feel should be invited and then go through the names as a couple asking yourselves some harsh questions! Are these people your friends? Have you met their partners? Would you invite them to dinner or a party at your home? If not, then eliminate them!


Step Three

What sort of Wedding do you want?  Have you always dreamt of the big dress, the church and that perfect location or would you really rather get married on a beach or at a small boutique hotel? Have you set your heart on a Castle, a tipi or a Barn in the country?  Be truthful with your partner and discuss this openly and honestly.  You may be lucky and both want exactly the same thing, if not then you need to listen to each other and look at how your budget fits both your ideals!


Step Four

When should you get married?  If you have a particular date in mind then you may be disappointed as certain dates fill up fast and summer weddings can get booked years in advance! However – do you really want a summer wedding?  Many venues have discounted rates for other seasons and personally I love a Spring or Autumn Wedding as often you’ve got more of a chance of better weather than July or August!  If you want your budget to go even further then you can consider a mid-week wedding, although this could cause problems for people booking time off work.


Step Five

Now you can think about venues! You know your budget and the number of guests.  You have an idea of the type of wedding you would like and the time of year that would suit you.


So now go and enjoy visiting some venues and locations.  Meet their suppliers, eat canapes and drink some fizz!  This is the fun bit and you will know when you’ve found the right place so please just keep an open mind.


One tiny tip – avoid pinterest at this point as you can get carried away with the detail when really it’s the big decisions that you need to nail first.

Good luck and if you follow these Five steps then it should save you headaches further down the line!

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