What’s hot for Twenty Seventeen?

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So… what’s going to be hot in Twenty Seventeen?

Industrial wedding trend 2017

Which wedding trends are going to tempt you in 2017.

Today I’m thinking about styling, industrial weddings, flowers, stationery and metallics.

2017 Wedding Trends
The space above the tables is where the interest is

We have rapidly sped our way through January and with spring just around the corner my thoughts have turned to what this year will bring?  I’m thinking about Wedding Trends. The studio has been busy with consultations,newly engaged couples and planning meetings.  There really is a lot to get excited about if you are getting married in 2017!

Warehouse wedding trend 2017

Vintage Glamour and Industrial Warehouse Weddings

Wedding Trends 2017

I feel that one of the biggest Wedding trends in 2017 is all about where you get married, or at least where you hold your reception and wedding breakfast!  The newest trend here stems from Vintage Glamour but it has really ramped up the Industrial feel!  Warehouse weddings are going to be big, and when I say big I do mean BIG!  This look is all about the space that you can occupy and by this I mean height.

Industrial Warehouse Weddings 2017

Make your wedding guests look up!  The ceiling space and area above the tables is a space that needs to be filled, hanging flowers, branches, festoon lighting, industrial and retro bulbs.  This is for the couple who want an edge to their big day. Opt for statement, over the top centrepieces that will rock this look.

Ceilings and wedding trends 2017

You cannot have enough lighting, flowers and candles, mix the old and the new, let modern and vintage clash.

Barns and Bartenders

Cocktail trends for 2017

Rustic barns and country weddings will work in the same way.

Wedding trends 2017

Mix antiques with retro old world finds to add that all important interest.  If your budget allows then why not consider having a drinks station with your very own mixologist and a signature wedding cocktail?

Wedding trends 2017

Imagine how visually stunning this could be with carefully chosen glasses, traditional classic cocktails with a modern twist and an old school bartender.

Wedding Trends 2017



My love of metallics is still going strong in 2017.

Greenery metallics and geometrical wedding trends 2017

The good news is that you don’t have to choose one. Instead you can mix and match.  I adore copper and bronze right now but you can gold, rose gold, pewters and silvers in to the mix.  My only tip is to avoid anything shiny.  If it is dull then it will work.  Ask your florist for interesting and or geometrical lanterns and containers for your flowers and candles.

Wedding trends 2017

Muted Palettes, Greys, Buffs and Caramels

Following on from Fine Art Weddings there are some beautifully muted shades and neutral palettes.  Greys and charcoals are incredible for your wedding stationery, especially when they are teamed with white calligraphy, torn handmade papers, lavenders, silk ribbons and wax seals.  Think about texture and pattern and if grey isn’t your thing then there are some glorious muted browns.

Geodes and calligraphy wedding trends 2017

Consider buffs and caramels that work wonderfully with blush pinks, peaches, tangerine and that fabulously vibrant Greenery that is pantone colour of the year!

Pantone Colour of the year 2017

Huge Blooms

Wedding trends 2017

As the space where you are hosting your wedding has increased in size, then so does everything else. By this I’m mean  Flowers!

Wedding trends 2017

Choose huge blooms!  Impact and drama are key elements for this year, but you can still go for the traditional favourites such as peonies, roses, ranunculas and dahlias.

Wedding trends 2017If fresh isn’t your thing then there is the paper option, with backdrops, garlands, dried or paper petals and table runners.

Tropicals, Air plants and Succulents

Wedding Trends 2017

For a more natural look consider tropicals, air plants and succulents. These will give your wedding a more organic feel.  Combine them with bark and wood for incredible texture and interest.

Geometry and succulents 2017 wedding trends

 Very elegant yet bold in a different way.  If your budget is tight then consider hiring trees and potted plants to add scale, depth and interest to your venue.

Geometrical Shapes and Geodes

Geometry and Geology Wedding trends 2017

Wedding Trends 2017

Naturally colouful geodes add fabulous colour and texture and look incredible when used as place settings.

Geometrical shapes add contrast with strong lines. Wedding Stationery and styling follows fashion and interior design so be brave and go for it.  If you use strong lines and shapes for your invitations then mirror this on your Wedding Day.

Add hanging shapes and interesting containers for flowers and candles.

Wedding trends 2017

The Dripping Cake

Cakes are getting a make over too!  They are getting taller, bigger and bolder to match the venues!  Sharp edges and clean lines, gold leaf and metallic detail or dripping cakes for the very brave!

However there will always be a place in my heart for a beautifully styed naked cake.

Wedding Cake trend 2017 Geodes Geology

Wedding Stationery, Invitations, Paper and Print

Seating Plans 2017

So, now i turn my thoughts to Wedding Stationery, the paper, print and my ultimate passion in life.  The wedding season isn’t too far away and the studio has been busy with new consultations, samples and sketches.  As with everything else this year my advise to you would be to be brave and go big and bold.  Mess with florals and stripes.  Consider adding envelope liners for that pop of dramatic colour and contrast.  Look at using textured papers and boards and play with patterns.  Look at grey hand torn papers and vellums, or neutral buffs and embossed boards.  Handwritten fonts and calligraphy will continue to dominate and I love the vast amount of choice that there is.

Wedding trends 2017

You only have to glimpse at instagram or pinterest to see some incredibly talented people showcasing their skills.  Quotations, song lyrics or instructions for your wedding guests painted on chalk boards or glass look sticking.  Consider reclaimed frames or old bottles for menus, wine lists or alternative table plans.

 Interesting Table Plans

So be brave and be bold in Twenty Seventeen!

Enjoy the planning process and mix the elements that you love.








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