I absolutely love typography! There is something really wonderful about working with fonts especially as you never really know how a word will look until you sit down and actually type it out.

Elegant Letters is all about layout, colour and typography, matching the right board and font can change the mood of any invitation or print.

The right font and correct weight can transform an invitation from tradition to very modern, from calligraphy to clean lines. All of the designs shown can be tailored to your colour scheme and mood of your wedding day!

Simple black digital text on white wove board can be stunning yet smart, just as black font on kraft board can immediately portray a country or rustic feel.

Leave the text plain or add a ribbon or lace.

Elegant Letters often incorporate names or initials. This is what I love best about this kind of layout as it is my job to find fonts that make your names look amazing. Creating a balance between the text and the paper!

Leaving you to decide on how this will be printed. Decide between foiling, letterpress or digital, and then choose the style of Invitation. Think about what sort of information you need to share with your guests, if any, and then take a look at the Stationery Suites section to see what style you like best.