Foiled artwork is printed by a similar process to Letterpress. A block is created of your artwork or text and then both pressure and heat are applied on a flat bed press to bond the foil to the paper or board.

It is almost impossible to print silver or gold digitally. Foiled artwork is tactile. When you handle foiled stationery you can see how the foil has been pushed into the paper.

Foil is available in an ever-increasing range of colours and finishes, as well as the standard golds and silvers and other metallics; foil can be matt, pearlescent or shiny. A clear foil can give a glossy finish. Not only does foiling create an unmistakably vibrant image with depth, it can be applied successfully to thicker textured boards and looks striking in combination with letterpress.

White Foil takes on a modern appearance on coloured boards and just like letterpress you are not limited to text. Any design, big or small can be foiled.

Designs can then be enhanced by adding bright or subtle finishes, ribbons and crystals can be used if you wish.

Foiled Wedding Stationery has a wonderfully luxurious finish that really does feel expensive!