Every year I find that there is something to get excited about! Trends come and go but the only way to oave a genuinely personal wedding is to add a dash of YOU into the mix!

I ask my couples so may questions when they come to the studio – how they met, the proposal, I like to get to know them before we even look at stationery!

Whatever your budget and style feel free to choose the elements that suit you most and then weave them together for a truly unique look!


Gold is back with a vengence! Rose gold is also everywhere from watches to fashion and I love it!

Mixed metallics have replace silver but what’s not to like – you can still throw silver into the mix as you can’t escape it – your cutlery will be silver!

I love foiling and will share some of my favourite designs on my blog but please don’t be afraid to mix it up – too much of any one element will dominate – be brave and go eclectic in your look!

Hand Painted Blooms

Now this works wonderfully with the golds and metallics! Gorgeous blowsy blooms painted on your stationer in a very loose style will compliment those huge flower heads in your bouquet or table flowers!

Watercolour or gouache is perfect for this. Go for a painted wreath or go abstract!

Timelines and Maps

Again, I love creating these and this is why I ask so many questions. These are very personal and no two can ever be the same! Tell your unique story to your guests!

Wedding day timelines will also be increasingly popular this year as an alternative Order of the Day!

Use pictures and hand drawn illustrations rather than words!

It is surprising how many of your guests don’t know how you met or the story of the proposal!

Maps can also be a fun element to include in your stationery suite! Use them to direct your guests to the venue or to share the honeymoon trail!

Colours and Themes

I believe that this year you can pretty much go for what your heart desires! When considering colour, if you like it and it compliments your bridemaids skin tones and hair then go for it!

If you love it then have it!

There is so much out there right now that you can’t really go far wrong!

The English Garden will always be popular – although after last summer’s weather – hedge your bets and choose spring or September and cross your fingers and hope for an Indian Summer!

Woodland and Rustic weddings are still popular and why not! Wood, foliage, moss and metallics! Succulents are stunning and work beautifully with muted earthy tones.

Vintage will be around for many more seasons! Go for that elusive eclectic mix but keep it elegant rather than shabby! The addition of vintage gold keeps this right on trend, either in your stationery or include some glitter in a feature tablecloth for the cake perhaps!

Wed-fest is the way to go if you love the outdoors and can work your wedding dress with wellies! Think of Ti-pi’s and dream catchers! Feathers and romance! Throw in a gin bar and plenty or rugs to sit on too!

Unleash the hippy in you! Don’t over do the jam jars though – go big and bold for this to work and concentrate on the people and atmosphere! Think colour and candles and hanging flowers rather than bunting!

Keep it loose and relaxed!