Whilst the technology to print white digitally is new, letterpress allows me to be able to print white onto vibrant colourful card and paper.


Letterpress printing is not only restricted to text, artwork such as flowers or motifs can be letterpressed too.

Letterpress printing was once considered to be old fashioned and was quickly replaced by the new digital age.

However, it has made a massive come-back in recent years and is now back on trend and highly desireable.

The letterpress process works by applying ink to the face of metal type, plates or wooden blocks, which are then pressed into the paper, board or card. It is unmistakably special with a timeless, tactile quality that no other print process has. Items printed on a letterpress can be readily identified by the impression of the letters or artwork which push into the paper slightly, creating a raised effect on the back of the paper. This centuries old process has been used to print everything from the bible to newspapers.

Today I use my Vintage letterpress at the Hattie Boo Designs studio for specialized work, using metal printing blocks or original vintage type-set.

There is a timeless elegance about letterpress.

It is wonderfully tactile, especially when used on luxuriously thick board.

I mix high quality ink by hand at the studio to achieve excellent colour matches to pantone shades or even swatches of bridesmaid fabric.


These Invitations are printed on a 700gsm colorplan board. They have a plate sunk boarder to leave a raised area around the edge of the invitation. Text is then printed centrally using a metal plate. Thermographic powders are then applied and heated to create this raised, glossy finish.